Wow. Butterbean is back


A cult in narrow circles, a wide heavyweight
Eric “Butterbean” Ash (77-10-4, 58 KOs) decided to make a comeback for the sake of one final fight. The 56-year-old “cube” last played in 2013 but is set to return in 2023 to say goodbye.

The “King of Four Rounds” claims to have shed a gigantic amount of pounds and is already at “fighting weight”.

“I feel in the best shape I have ever had,” wrote Butterbean. I haven’t weighed that much in over 20 years. <...> Jake Paul, if you’re ready, then I’m waiting for you, my friend. Come on, me and you, Jake Paul.”

He looks like he’s going for a real, not an exhibition fight.

In 1999 Butterbean scored for a round
Peter McNeelyand in 2002 he spent as many as 10 rounds with ex-world champion Larry Holmes and lost only by decision of the judges.

In his last appearance in the ring, Butterbean weighed almost 194 kg.

Holmes on modern boxing: “Americans have become petty…”

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