Wolf Khan and Kamil Gadzhiev appreciated the performance of Magomed Ankalaev

Wolf Khan and Kamil Gadzhiev appreciated the performance of Magomed Ankalaev

Veteran of mixed martial arts, Magomedkhan Gamzatkhanov, as well as the president of AMC Fight Nights, Kamil Gadzhiev, shared their opinion on the performance of their countryman and compatriot Magomed Ankalaev, who failed to win the vacant UFC light heavyweight championship belt in a confrontation with Pole Jan Blakhovicz.

In particular, Gadzhiev said that he did not consider the decision of the judges, who declared a draw in the fight, a robbery of a Russian fighter.

“What was the name of Paddy Pimblett’s rival? Here he was robbed, and Anakalaev was sued, ”the head of the Russian league said in an interview. channel “Ushatayka”. “Magomed was supposed to win the belt that day, I think this is obvious, but was it a devastating fight? Was not. Magomed completed the task on the whole, but he did not win all five rounds, so I agree with those who say that he won and that he was sued. I understand those who say that he was robbed. Of the two expressions, ‘sued’ or ‘robbed’, I personally choose ‘sued'”

“There is probably no conspiracy, but after the fight between Yan and Ankalaev, I come to the conclusion that something is already wrong here. I never suggest looking for politics in decisions, and now it is not politics, but there is probably some kind of prejudice. Judges are people too, and they probably don’t really like the image of Ankalaev, who doesn’t hype. They are not his fans, let’s just say – there is little hype around him. And Blachowicz has never been a bright character, and Magomed is not one. Both are excellent athletes, of course, but they are not part of the show business industry, and MMA is show business. I think Dana White is objectively pleased that Ankalaev doesn’t have a belt.”

Volk Khan is sure that the judges should not complain at all, and Anakalaev should first of all blame himself for this result.

“I expected more from Magomed, and it seems to me that he punished himself. He missed the opportunity that God gave him. It was a chance, but here, in the first rounds, especially, he fought very passively with his poking. We had to be active. When athletes of this level compete, they know which round they are winning and which they are losing, and what steps need to be taken. It seems that Magomed did not keep score. You can’t give anyone a chance in such a responsible fight, including the judges. You have to be more active. Magomed could really win this fight with dignity, so that no one had any doubts.

“I am sure that Magomed is stronger than Jan Blachowicz, but the judges saw how he gets hit, loses points, then transfers to the ground, and somehow equalizes the situation. There is no need to blame the judges – Magomed beat himself. I understand that the responsibility is great, but this is not a reason to speak like that. It is a pity that they missed the opportunity – I was sure that Magomed would bring another belt to Russia. I think he will draw the appropriate conclusions and understand that he needs to play actively in such an important match.”

Moreover, Gamzatkhanov is sympathetic to the decision of the organization’s leadership to play for the remaining vacant title in the duel between Glover Teishera and Jamal Hill.

“The basis of these fights is finance. So they need some kind of excitement. That’s what this fight is for. It’s a pity that Magomed will have to return to the status of a contender again”

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