Wladimir Klitschko issued a base on Russia’s war against Ukraine


Boxing Hall of Fame winner, legendary Ukrainian heavyweight Vladimir “Dr. Steelhammer” Klitschko (64-5, 53 KOs) wrote at 20:01 pm at
Twitterhow the aggressive full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine and Russia’s attempts to arrange the genocide of the Ukrainian people will end.

The message appeared on the evening of September 11, the day when the Armed Forces of Ukraine complete the blitzkrieg expulsion of the Russian occupation troops from most of the Kharkiv region, and the Russian army, unable to resist the Ukrainians in a fair fight, inflicts
terrorist attacks for critical infrastructure facilities.

“Ukraine did not start this war. But we will finish it, ”wrote the heavyweight.

The last time Klitschko entered the ring in April 2017, when he was one step away from an early victory over Anthony Joshua, but lost to the young puncher by technical knockout in the 11th round (The King is gone. Long live the King!). Since then, he has repeatedly hinted that he would like to break the record of “age” winning the world title, but it never came to a return.

“United front”. Klitschko’s reaction to the creation of a coalition for Ukraine

After 02/24/2022, Volodymyr is not engaged in boxing or (not only) business, but also humanitarian education: he tells the world community about what the Russian army is doing in Ukraine. In addition, he enlists the support of politicians, many of whom he knows personally, in favor of his homeland. Previously, the Klitschko brothers were awarded for courage.

Recall how the troublemaker and “Russian” Roy Jones answered Klitschko in Crimea and sympathized with the children in the Russian Federation.