Will Spence and Crawford fight before the end of the year? Expert Bradley answers


One of the most intriguing fights in boxing – the fight for the title of absolute welterweight champion between unbeaten all-belt holders Americans Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) and Terence Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) – is still officially not announced.

In September, there was an insider that this superfight is almost ready – there is a date and a place. But now it looks more like the fight is in jeopardy.

shared ex-champion in the same weight and current boxing expert Tim Bradley: “No, there will definitely not be this fight until the end of the year. But yes, it will take place. Just not anytime soon. I would advise the fans to forget about this fight for a while. You know, sometimes it’s better to let go – everything will work itself out. Sometimes it’s better not to even discuss it, not to bring it up. After all, we have expectations that are not always justified. And at that moment it really hurts. And if you let go of the situation, then just imagine this fountain of positive emotions when everything will be officially announced to us, when the date and place of the fight will be, when they finally go against each other in the ring … “

According to Bradley, the problem is different: “You know what gnaws at me? No, not protracted negotiations. I know that sooner or later the fight will take place. It gnaws at me that at this weight we have some very cool young talent who have already earned the right to challenge these titles. And because of this situation, they seem to be handcuffed. This, in my opinion, is really, really dishonest. After all, it is possible that fighters like Virgil Ortiz and Jaron Ennis will need to wait another year for a title chance. I would include Conor Benn in this list, but something has recently become too desirable. But that’s another story.”

Earlier, the top coach said that Crawford would beat Spence, voiced the arguments. And the experts shared their opinions.