Will Kambosos go for a rematch with Haney? Dibella on past fight, rematch and Gervont Davis


American promoter Lou Dibella (DiBella Entertainment), who leads the career of the former Australian absolute lightweight champion (up to 61.2 kg) George Kambosos (20-1, 10 KOs), gave
interview for an American news portal.

In a conversation, Dibella commented on the last fight of his ward against the American Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KOs), answered the question about the activation of the clause on revenge, and also spoke about the main knockout of the lightweight division, American Gervont Davis (27-0, 25 KOs).

– Australia, the stadium, there were 40 thousand spectators. Tell us about the atmosphere, tell us about the fight between Kambosos and Haney.

– There was an amazing atmosphere. Many people supported Kambosos. There was a lot of love. Devin came there and did what he needed. It was an incredible performance from him. Boxing clinic. This jab is among the best I’ve seen. The young fighter had a great performance. George will be back, he is also young. But it was really Devin Haney’s performance that made him a star.

“Now maybe a little early since the fight has just ended, but is George activating the right to a rematch?”

“I think he will activate the rematch. Yes. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t. I think the rematch will be difficult for him, but I’m sure he can fight better. He will probably activate the rematch, but it’s really too early to worry about that right now.

“A lot of people want to hear from Devin if he will move up to 63.5kg or have a rematch.

He just got back from Australia. Let the guy enjoy. He has all the belts, let him enjoy the victory. He will decide. See, there are many options before him. He’s a young guy and to be so good… We really have a young talent in boxing right now. Guys like Shakur, Gervonta, Devin – the 59kg and 61kg divisions are filled with talent.

What Kambosos and Haney talked about in the locker room after the fight – video

– Haney became the youngest absolute champion, he made history …

He jumped at the chance, closed the deal. Respect to him and his father Bill. They did what was necessary. They jumped at the opportunity and now they have all the titles. And he deserved it.

Where is it on your pound-for-pound list now?

– Now, he is probably somewhere in the bottom of the top 10. He is still young, but I think he has a long run ahead of him. He is an incredible talent. And I am very pleased to work with him in the future with Top Rank.

— Your reaction to the fight between Gervont and Rolly.

“I lost money because I thought Gervonta would knock him out earlier. Davis has this one punch that changes everything. He’s an incredible talent, but he’s also an amazing puncher. For his weight, he is the biggest puncher. Maybe he’s in P4P too. I’m a big fan of his. Davis is a spectacular fighter.

Haney vs. Lomachenko and Davis – fights are sorted out by coach Rosier