Wilder vs Ruiz: prediction from an ex-rival who also fought Klitschko


American-Mexican heavyweight Cristobal Arreola (38-7-1, 33 KOs) tried to become world champion three times. Back in 2009, the legendary Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko inflicted the first defeat on the American. In 2014, attempt No. 2 was spoiled by the Canadian-Haitian Bermain Stivern, and two years later, Chris was beaten by the American Deontay Wilder.

In May 2021, Arreola gave a tough fight to ex-world champion compatriot Andy Ruiz and even dropped the favorite. Since then, he has not entered the ring, although he hopes to fight British ex-champion Anthony Joshua in December.

Arreola is also very good
microphone (albeit a lot of swearing). The veteran was asked to predict the outcome of the final WBC eliminator between his ex-rivals Wilder and Ruiz: “Wilder wins! No disrespect to Andy. I also fought with him, he beat me honestly. But he didn’t. Do you catch the difference? Defeated, but not defeated. And there were fucking shitty referee cards. Let’s admit it. I hit him with a jab and a straight right. If Wilder hits him like that, Andy will be on the floor and won’t get up.”

“Another problem for Andy is that he won’t be able to box Wilder at long range. After all, it plays into the hands of Deontay. This is a fight in which Andy will have to break through to the close and initiate a fight. I wish him all the best. I hope they agree. I want to see this fight. Wilder’s defeat to Tyson Fury? Hey, there’s nothing wrong with losing to the best. He lost the fight, but did not lose the main thing – his fans. I think he won more fans with the loss in the third fight than with some of his victories. Indeed, in that battle, he showed what they had not seen before, what they did not know about before – his courage and courage, ”Arreola believes.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan beautifully described Wilder’s punches as “the touch of death”, and another ex-rival of Deontay and Andy “King Kong” Ortiz is also betting on the favorite.