Wilder: Joshua is a dude who got championship belts


Former WBC champion American heavyweight puncher Deontay Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) terribly hates his antagonist from Britain and ex-WBA Super, IBF and WBO belt holder Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs).

The fighters previously agreed on a face-to-face fight, they had to determine the absolute world champion – it took about 8 months for negotiations, but the parties failed to agree.

Wilder is sure that Joshua is to blame for this. He generally blames Anthony for everything,
thinksthat the Briton has a “wrong” career: “They created Anthony Joshua. Created like a project. From scratch. You know, champions are born. They are not made. And they fucking did it. And they started doing it from the time Olympic Gamesgiving him a gold medal. The same goes for titles. They simply bought belts for him. They bought him many titles. But the trouble is that such handouts will not prepare him for the real tests. And so it happened. He was unprepared for certain points in his career.”

At the same time, Wilder “is still ready and I want to kick his ass. I think that by refusing to fight him, I would have robbed the fans. And I can’t go for it. So my answer is “Yes!” I definitely want our fight to take place. But I need a clear understanding – are they really ready to do it or are they playing some of their games again?

Wilder suggests that Joshua “meet somewhere in California, sit down together at the negotiating table and start discussing all the conditions. I’m sure it’s a great idea. In the meantime, we have some kind of farce: (Wilder’s manager) Shelley Finkel is sending some messages to (Joshua’s promoter) Eddie Hearn, and Joshua himself is sending some messages to me. What the fuck is this circus?

It is possible that Wilder missed his chance – Joshua accepted all the conditions of the WBC champion compatriot Tyson Fury – the fight was already on December 3. Meanwhile, the ex-offender Anthony puffed, showed his fist – and challenged Deontay to a fight.