“Wilder has a crack in his skull, Tyson could kill him.” Fury’s father against the fourth fight


A couple of days ago, information appeared that if the sides of Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) and Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) fail to agree on a duel for the title of absolute division champion, Fury’s rival on April 29 at Wembley “In London, the ex-champion from the USA Deontay Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs) can again become.

Recall that Fury and Wilder have fought three times already. Outcome: a draw and two early victories for the British.

Tyson’s father, John Fury, shared his opinion on this option. In a nutshell: he is against it.

“I’m worried about a (possible) Tyson-Wilder fight because I’m afraid he’ll kill Wilder,” Fury’s father admitted. Wilder’s skull cracked. His skull cracked like an egg. Those things can’t be cured, so if Tyson hits there again, he might kill him. So I told him, “If you don’t want Deontay Wilder’s death and funeral on your hands, stay away from him.”

“He beat him three times and in each case he simply killed him,” John is sure. “He beat him in the first fight when he lost a lot of weight and was out of the ring for three years. Wilder poses no threat. The only threat is that Tyson will kill him. And we don’t want that. Let yourself continue to beat these dudes who fall from one blow. And I don’t want to go to the grave, knowing that my son killed someone.”

Earlier, Tyson’s promoter Frank Warren shared his opinion about the possible quadrology of Fury-Wilder.

Wilder recently challenged Ngannou – Africa, two fights, including in MMA.


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