Wilder and a girl released a cool track: a puncher sings and dances – video


If former WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs) says tomorrow that he is sick and tired of boxing, he will have a good chance to make a musical career. Unlike some boxers who, in parallel with the fisticuffs, pretend that they are still gangsters, appear in cameos in the corresponding clips or perform something in the spirit of “a bear stepped on your ear”, the American puncher gave out a good debut track.

Its announcement took place back in the summer, and you could already check out the preview. But now there is also a clip.

And even if the video sequence does not shine with originality – colorful clothes, the same cars and light eroticism, the musical composition “Everytime” is very OK. In the frame – his brother Marcellos Wilder, whose career as a professional boxer did not work out, and Deontay’s partner Telly Swift.

The clip was released a few days after Wilder returned to the ring and took the Scandinavian veteran Robert Helenius out of the round.

Next, he hopes to get IBF/WBO/WBA champion Oleksandr Usyk, ex-champ Andy Ruiz, or someone else with a name.


Wilder unveiled his statue in the spring. Do you know why he decided to return to boxing? It turns out that boxing will die without him.