Why won’t Saudi Arabia accept the Usyk-Fury fight? Expert version


The reigning heavyweight champions British Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) and Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) planned to meet in a face-to-face fight in Saudi Arabia and determine the first absolute division in the era of four belts.

Negotiations with local investors ended in failure. Fury’s side explained this by the fact that in Jeddah they allegedly would not have time to build a new sports complex by the end of April, in which the fight was supposed to take place.

On the real reasons for the failure of negotiations
reasoned British observer Gareth Davis: “Pay attention to how exactly the negotiations with investors from Saudi Arabia were conducted. They negotiated separately with Usyk and separately with Fury. And it didn’t work. Usyk agreed to their terms, but Fury … I don’t think he got the offer he was counting on.

Team Fury booked for April 29th Wembley Stadium (London). But now it remains to agree with Usyk. The British have previously stated that if the fight takes place on their territory, then the Ukrainian should not count on an equal distribution of the prize fund.

Davis’s opinion: “If this fight does not take place, then it will be akin to a disaster. How can two of the strongest heavyweights in the world not meet in a head-to-head fight and not determine the absolute? Yes, forget about money. This fight must take place. And if an agreement fails, then the fans should definitely blame Fury and his team for this. Yes, it will only be their fault. And stop talking about the fact that Fury’s market value in Britain is much higher. Just split it evenly and that’s it.”

Davis is confident that if the fight takes place, it will be possible to realize “more than 1 million paid broadcasts. After all, this is a real heavyweight fight. This is both a fight and chess.”

Have you already decided on the favorite of this fight? Keep the opinion of Vyacheslav Senchenko and the mysterious forecast from Vasily Lomachenko: “These are two different sizes.” A little earlier, the manager of the Ukrainian told his version of the reason for the protracted negotiations: “Therefore, all this nonsense continues.”