Why didn’t Crawford and Spence agree on a fight? Knows Teofimo Lopez


Former undisputed lightweight champion American Teofimo Lopez (17-1, 13 KOs) knows why his compatriots, all-belt welterweight champions Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) and Terence Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) failed to agree on a full-time fight and did not determine the absolute.

“You know, boxing has a lot of it. And these guys just have a huge ego, –
reasoning Lopez. – Who is to blame? Who has more ego? I dont know. But it seems to me that Crawford in this pair is too proud a bird. I feel like he fucked up his happiness because of it. He had an interview. I didn’t read or listen in full, just saw the title. He says he doesn’t need to be a 66.7kg absolute, he was a 63.5kg absolute. It was like I was spit in the face. Dude, the trick is not to become an absolute. And to do this several times in different weights. To do something that no one else can do.”

“Do you want an example? Look at Clarissa Shields, Teofimo leads on. – She conquered three divisions, became an absolute three times in two different weights. And she doesn’t stop there. She is looking for new challenges. That’s the mentality I’m talking about. Therefore, I have a different look at the missed fight Spence vs Crawford. They don’t want to fight? Well, fuck them. I don’t even care what their reasons are, I don’t care about their pride and their ego. I hope dudes that when I get to the welterweight division, you will not repeat this mistake of yours … “

Previously, Lopez compared Haney and Stevenson, mentioned Floyd and Oscar. And his father/coach says: “No wonder they call me Nostradamus.”