“Who will say that Alexander Emelianenko is a rapist? Datsik won’t say for sure.” Vagabov replied to Red Tarzan

MMA fighter Vagab Vagabov reacted to the words of the infamous heavyweight Vyacheslav Datsik that he beat only hucksters and rapists in prison.

Earlier, Vagabov said that Datsik mocked helpless men in places not so remote.

“A guy will come to him … The first rapist is standing nearby. Why was Alexander Emelianenko imprisoned? What did he go for? We know, don’t we? But who will tell him that he is a rapist? Someone may say, but Datsik is definitely not, ”Vagabov said in an interview with SE.

“Now somewhere in an interview, he can say. These are just his excuses. I don’t want to remember the prison, scream. Did business, [что] don’t want to remember. And what did he beat the huckster for? Because they brought in money? Or what? Or for common problems of people? Drug addicts, rapists, and so on – they all suffer without him and are responsible for this.

Datsik and Vagabov may fight according to the rules of boxing under the auspices of AMC Fight Nights. Vagabov is currently the reigning light heavyweight champion of the league.