Who has a bigger splash, Joshua or Ortiz? Ruiz’s response


American-Mexican ex-heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz (35-2, 22 KOs) boasts victories over the division’s top punchers – British Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) and Cuban Luis Ortiz (33-3, 28 KOs). Moreover, he solidly dumped both: Joshua – in the summer of 2019, and Ortiz – last weekend.

Oh, if only… Ruiz was worse, but defeated Ortiz – Rreport about this fight

After the fight, the winner was asked to compare the punching power of both punchers. Ruiz even a little
confused: “Dude, I think they both hit really hard. Joshua caught me the moment I didn’t see the punch. I think that’s why I ended up on canvas. But with Ortiz, I was extremely focused, I saw all his blows. Yes, there was a blow with which he solidly shocked me – it was a left straight. But who hits harder?.. Dude, they all hit as fucking hard.”

Ruiz was also traditionally asked about his weight: “It was not without reason that he went into battle with a weight of 120 kg. It helps to take hits. I think that if I weighed about 115 kg, then he would certainly drop me. As I said before, I fought carefully, realizing how good his shot was. It wasn’t very spectacular, but it was smart boxing.”

Immediately after the victory, Andy Ruiz named the next goal.

Missed the fight? No problem! Here is a video of the best moments, hit statistics and even photos of referee cards.