White on new coach, rematches with Fury and Joshua, not wanting to fight Joyce


On November 26 in London (England), local ex-heavyweight contender Dillian Whyte (28-3, 19 KOs) will try to inflict a debut defeat on American Jermaine Franklin (21-0, 14 KOs).

Dillian Whyte – Jermaine Franklin: forecast and bets for the fight on November 26

On the eve of the fight, the favorite talked to the correspondent
The Ring

About the opponent: “This is another dangerous undefeated heavyweight. He is constantly active in the ring, he has solid hand speed. This is a good boxer, well trained. The right fighter with the right attitude. He’s been here for 6 or 7 weeks for a reason. It’s not like you just left your comfort zone. He takes the fight very seriously. And the fact that he sparred with Tyson Fury, who beat me in the last fight, suggests that he is trying to psychologically influence me in this way. He wants to win by knockout, so I can’t afford to underestimate.”

On new mentor James McGirt: “We hit it off immediately and get along great. It feels like we’ve known each other for years. And we also have mutual respect. I listen to his advice in everything. Yes, we are working on some new features, we want to add some fresh colors.”

On the talk that he was “broken” and passed his career peak: “Yes, I deeply *at all this. Let them say whatever they want. But the whole point of the sport is precisely in such moments. Yes, winning is always fun. But can you come back after defeat? Can you win when the odds are not in your favor? That, in my opinion, is the greatness of the sport. I? I just got a little older, a little more experienced, a little wiser. And I just focused on my goal. I want to become world champion. I want to get even for all the defeats.

About Wish List: “After I beat Franklin, of course I want a rematch with Anthony Joshua, because this is one of the biggest fights in boxing. What other options? Well, if it doesn’t work out with Fury… Deontay Wilder won’t accept my challenge because he’s such a bitch. Joseph Parker lost in the last fight fought to Joe Joyce, so there is no point in fighting him. Joyce is not interesting to me now either, because this fight makes no sense. But when he takes the title, then the meaning will appear. He is a great fighter, strong and very dangerous. His problem is his complete lack of charisma. With such a difficult to spin the fight. It’s like a piece of wallpaper.”

On the failed Fury-Joshua fight: “I didn’t fucking understand… Why didn’t they fight? What are the chances if they do meet in the ring? It’s about 50/50 in my opinion. After all, Joshua really has power in his fists, and Fury has superiority in anthropometry. He knows how to use it. He’s good against those who are shorter.”

Earlier, White said that he wants a rematch with Fury, because he lost by the rules. In response, Tyson told how Dillian shocked him with a confession during the fight – and how he knocked out a tooth.

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