White on Joshua: “Weird. Now a good boy, then a gangsta. Spineless. Become either a rapper or a priest”


By definition, Dillian Whyte (28-3, 19 KOs), his offender in a long-standing fight, Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs), is some kind of “detached” uncle. And inconsistent – wants to please both those and those. The ex-challenger considers the former two-time champion a rather odd guy and a poseur, in general.

“He’s a muddy, weird guy. You can talk to him, and at the same time he looks a little distant and distracted, as if absent. Yes, you yourself saw that he did some strange tricks, ”he said

In general, says White, AJ is an inconsistent cupcake.

“Then he puts on a show and pretends to be a good boy, and then all of a sudden he wants to look like a bad boy, rap and all that, like a gangsta trendy. But he is also a good boy. Where is the sequence? Dillian continued. – Spineless person. Strange. Well, good luck to him.”

White named his top 4 – those he wants to beat before leaving

In general, 34-year-old White hopes for a rematch with Joshua next year (he has already spoken about a possible rematch). True, for starters, Dillian should have passed Jermain Franklin at the end of November.

“I hope he stays in boxing because I want to fight him again. Hope he stays in good health. I don’t want him to go off the rails and retire and become a rapper or a priest,” White jokes.

Previously, he accused Wilder of pretending to cry: “I’m sick of you, you piece of shit!”