What’s up with the Usyk-Fury fight? Alexander Krasyuk says


General Director of the promotion company K2 Promotions Ukraine Oleksandr Krasyuk gave an interview for the Instagram channel

The functionary commented on the latest news about the organization of the fight for the title of absolute world heavyweight champion (over 90.7 kg) between the Ukrainian holder of three titles Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) and the WBC champion from Britain Tyson Fury (33-0-1 , 24 KOs). Krasyuk spoke about the cancellation of the original dates of the fight, disagreements between the teams and the desired time frame for the main fight of the absolute division.

– Tyson Fury, according to the media, seems to want an incredible amount of money and because of this, the negotiations are a little delayed. This is true?

— [кривится] Such a half-truth. There are two options. The first option is Saudi Arabia, the second option is the UK. If the conversation is about Saudi Arabia, then there are no discussions about money, because everyone receives equal amounts that satisfy everyone. If Saudi Arabia, for some reason that does not satisfy us, does not organize this fight, and such circumstances can happen, we have a plan B. This is London. For example, “Wembley”, where this fight flies as a historical one. For the first time in heavyweight history, a duel for the absolute champion with four belts. And here Tyson Fury showed some differences in his views, because, considering himself an unusual star in the UK, he would like to monetize this advantage in comparison with Usyk. But this is nothing more than a wish. And he is such a, we know, odious guy, he will intend to bite off as much as he can. But there is a position of Usyk’s team that Usyk puts three main belts on the line, the fight for the absolute, a historical event. What are we going to bargain for a couple of million dollars? Well, it’s not solid. In general, Usyk recently spoke and said: “Listen, Tummy, I’m with you [смеётся] and I’ll fight without money.”

When will Usyk-Fury fight take place: Arum named the dates

– Did you skip a beat when Alexander said that he wanted to fight without money?

– He can fight without money, but his fee will be for sure.

– But you also promised in previous interviews that you would announce the fight before the New Year. It’s already the end of January. When can we expect an announcement? Everyone already wants.

– Before the New Year, we had to announce the fight, which was supposed to take place in early March. However, life makes some adjustments, and there were such circumstances that the end of April is more optimal for us. And so we are now intensively working on a date, a contract, to announce at the beginning … I think that in early February we should announce the fight.

– And on the part of the sanctioning organizations, the fact that the battle will not take place until March 4 has no consequences?

– The fact is that the next, officially recognized IBF, mandatory challenger is Dubois. Dubois’ promoter is Frank Warren, so to pedal this process… To be honest, there are no concerns. Of course, if it drags on for half a year, for a year, the organizations will definitely sound the alarm. But as for the coming months, until the month of May – [вертит головой] I don’t think. Too much fight at stake.

– There were also reports in the media that your team had agreed on its contract. This is true? Is there more history on the side of the British or not?

– Yes, now more, as usual, on the side of Fury. How once he did not come out for revenge with Wladimir Klitschko, although everything had already been agreed. Also, nothing has been agreed with him yet. Of course he is interested. Now he is a different person, now he no longer walks [снюхивает с пальца] on all those obliques, but who knows what’s in his head? We don’t know. But we hope that common sense lives there too, and that by the end of spring we will have the biggest fight in history.

“You know, maybe he’s deliberately addictive. He had a fight with Chisora ​​not so long ago. Until March 4 is a shorter period than until the end of April?

– Yes sir. I believe that this also plays into his hands, so neither side made any effort to force the other side to agree to the end of February or the beginning of March. I have already said that such circumstances were in our life, that it was beneficial for us. We then agreed without hesitation.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/162231-chto-s-boem-usik-fyuri-rasskazyvaet-krasyuk.htm?rand=141343