What to do and what not to do Chisora ​​in a fight with Fury – tips from Coach Wilder


Malik Scott, trainer of former world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, does not believe that Briton Derek Chisora ​​(33-12, 23 KOs) has no chance at all in the upcoming third fight against compatriot and current WBC title holder Tyson Fury (32-0 -1, 23 KOs), which is scheduled for December 3 in London (England).

On what Chisora ​​needs to do to make Fury’s life in the ring at least as difficult as possible, Malik shared with
BT Sport.

“(To defeat Fury) You have to take advantage of his vulnerabilities. That’s what Derek needs to do,” Scott says. – He should not remain an indifferent host when he is close. He has to work with his free hand – you have to hit Fury up close with everything you can and with all your might. But what you can’t do in any way is to get closer and let Tyson hold him. Tyson Fury is very vulnerable when he’s in control.”

Recall that Wilder fought Fury three times, bringing the first fight to a draw and suffering two early defeats.

“Out of Control Bipolar Bastard!” Derek Tyson described meanwhile.

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