What Kambosos and Haney talked about in the locker room after the fight – video


Australian lightweight George Kambosos Jr. (20-1, 10 KOs) suffered his debut defeat in his career last weekend – in his native Melbourne he lost the belts to American Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KOs). He became an absolute in this weight.

Immediately after the fight, Kambosos went into the locker room to Haney and congratulated him on his victory. The father of the winner immediately turned on and began to strain the Australian. He didn’t like that George had called Devin a ‘rat’ before the fight: ‘What the f*ck was with the ‘rat’? Who told you to say that?”

Kambosos ignored Bill Haney’s words and praised Devin’s jab. He said that with his front hand he thwarted all his plans. The father of the winner still did not calm down, asked why the Australian came without a father – earlier the parents of the boxers decently grappled, everything almost ended in a fight.

“Dude, where is your daddy? Bill began to lean in. Why didn’t he come? Tell him to always be there for you. Regardless of the circumstances. I saw that before you came to us, you were arguing about something in a raised voice. Will not work! Always hold on to each other! Hold on to each other!”

“My father will always be the main thing for me. He will come later to congratulate you on your victory, ”the Australian answered.

The contract for the first fight included a rematch option that Kambosos could use. Promoter Hearn does not rule out a fight between Haney and Lomachenko instead of a rematch. What do you think of Devin’s fights against Loma and Davis? Parses coach Rozier.

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