What experts are saying ahead of the third fight between Canelo and Golovkin


September 17 at T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas (USA) the third fight between Saul Alvarez (57-2-2, 39 KOs) from Mexico and Gennady Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs) from Kazakhstan will take place. For the first time they measured their strength in 2017, but did not determine the winner. Exactly 12 months later, Canelo won a minimal victory in a rematch.

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The experts remembered the first fight. Some believe that in the rematch, Canelo groped for the only correct tactic.

Todd Grisham: “Remember how it all started? Most fans believe that Golovkin won the first fight cleanly. For a long time he sought a fight with the Mexican. It seemed that he was avoiding a duel with a Kazakhstani. You can hardly blame Canelo for this – Golovkin then seemed like a knockout machine. The fans then decided that Alvarez was forced to agree to a fight with Gennady, but did not want this fight.

Chris Mannix: “Rematches in boxing are commonplace. We have already seen so many of them. But we have never seen one of the boxers so drastically change the plan for a rematch compared to the first fight. That’s what Canelo did. He did what no one had tried before him.

If in the fight with Floyd Mayweather Alvarez chose the most ridiculous tactics possible, then in the rematch with Golovkin he definitely settled on the only correct one. He pressured, put pressure on Golovkin. He made him move backwards. He promised this before the fight and he kept his promise. It absolutely did not resemble his actions in the first battle.

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“In the first fight, Golovkin’s striking power began to bear fruit. After the equator, it became a little more obvious. Canelo was cycling more and more, trading less and less. But overall, this was not the type of fight that Golovkin is good at. Therefore, Abel Sanchez demanded from the Kazakhstani that he worked out the rounds to the end. To prevent the judges from writing them down in favor of Canelo. He turned out to be right. What Adelaide Bird put up (10-2 to Canelo) is one of the worst judges’ verdicts in boxing history.”

Max Fischer: “It seemed to me that Golovkin took the first fight. In the online scoring, I gave him 7 rounds to Canelo’s 5. I would have easily agreed with a draw verdict if not for that wild card in favor of Alvarez. I think it was unfair to both fighters, because that card was remembered even more than the fight itself. Fans often remember not the best moments, but the most controversial ones. And so it happened.”

Steve Kim: “Golovkin got a lot of uppercuts. Canelo has proven to be a great taker, because they would dump baboutmost of the middleweights. There were many competitive rounds in their confrontation, but the last three minutes were especially difficult for the Mexican.

Chris Mannix: “I remember how after the first fight Golovkin and Sanchez were unhappy with Canelo, who, in their opinion, avoided the fight. They tried to provoke him. They said that he was not Mexican, that he would never take a tight fight. They wanted a street fight. They got it…”

Canelo’s mentor spoke about the same on the eve of the third fight. He directly named the culprit behind Golovkin’s defeat in the rematch. Meanwhile, Roy Jones announced the main advantage of the Kazakhstani over the Mexican.