What Charlo and Tszyu talked about at the press conference: quotes


On January 28 in Las Vegas (USA), the local undisputed junior middleweight champion (up to 69.9 kg) Jermell Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs) will meet with WBO mandatory challenger Australian Tim Tszyu (21-0, 15 KOs).

Yesterday the fighters met at a press conference.

Charlo: That’s what I do – I prove everything in the ring. I had a lot of tough opponents and unbeaten fighters. And after they got into the ring with me, they were never the same. I went through so many tough fighters for one reason only – I am focused and focused. I’m damn serious about this. Here in America, it’s different. I am a terrible person.

Tszyu: What do you mean “creepy”? What do you understand by this word?

Charlo: If you do not understand the word – then use Google.

Tszyu: I don’t understand anything else. You had a rematch with Brian Castaño. You win and become the absolute world champion. I looked at you at the press conference after the fight and could not understand: “Why is this dude not even smiling?”

Charlo: Dude, this is my business, not yours. I am not arrogant. Quite a humble man. But all your Australian media and their stupid questions have put me on edge. If you had any questions for me, why the f**k didn’t you call and ask? They didn’t even ask about the Castaño fight. It was a tough fight though.

Do you think I took the fight to you because of this? No, I only accepted because you were next on the list. They told me: “He is No. 1. And he’s good and all.” That’s why I took the fight. Here I am the boar of the division. I decide.

I don’t want to waste time on this nonsense. Answer your stupid accusations that I’m arrogant. That I “wrongly celebrate” the victory. I have a wonderful life. And you don’t know anything about me. It’s not for you to judge. In general, you are wrong.

I now know how you got the place that you occupy (hints that Tszyu is just the son of a legendary champion). But I don’t shout it out loud, do I?

So don’t teach me how to celebrate victories either. Usyok?

Tszyu: Wait… Are you blaming me? It’s not me who asked you questions, but the media. Why are you trying to put it on me?

Charlo: I’ve been underestimated all my life. I proved them wrong. But they keep underestimating me. But they can’t blacklist me. My world does not revolve around their world. Dude, I’m out of it…

Tszyu: So what am I doing here?

Charlo: You spoke of my arrogance. You said that I worry too much about everything. Memory lost? You told me how to celebrate victory. I celebrated it. Celebrate the way you want. I just didn’t want the whole world to see me celebrating it.

And generally speaking. I make more outside of boxing than you have in your entire career. And even after our full-time fight, I will earn many times more than you.

Tszyu: How would you know?

Charlo: I know everything, baby. Do your job and I’ll do mine.

Earlier, Tszyu opened up: “I looked people in the eyes and saw everything…” According to the applicant, he is easier than Charlo. But the champion is categorical. He promises to knock out Tszyu brightly: “His ridiculous fart got sick of him”.

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