“Well, I punched him in the face.” Oleksandr Usyk spoke about his street fights


Former absolute heavyweight champion (up to 90.7 kg), and now the unified champion of the heavyweight division (over 90.7 kg) Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) during
interview for the YouTube channel “Visiting Gordon” told about life situations in which he had to use his fists.

Recall that in August, Alexander had a rematch against the unified champion from Britain Anthony Joshua, in which he won by a separate decision of the judges. Usyk wants to fight WBC champion Brit Tyson Fury, but rejects the possibility of his return to the ring in December, when he plans to fight Fury.

– Have you ever had to use fists in everyday life?

— I had to.

– Wow. Yes?

— Yes, I had to.

– Like this?

“That was a long time ago, by the way. It was forced.

– What was the situation?

We were standing near McDonald’s.

— In Kyiv?

— Yes, on Khreshchatyk. They stood and waited for their order. People, girls, came up and talked very loudly. These girls used too much foul language. My friend says to the girl: “You are wonderful creatures, you have no right to swear, you should smell like flowers.”

— [смеётся]

– Well, he just started saying something there, to which two people next to him called him a deer. They say: “What are you, a deer, so bazaar for heifers?” And he stood up in front of me. I just took him by the hand.

Is he a boxer?

“I don’t know who he is. He’s crazy. I grabbed his hands. He was shaking his hands like this [показывает]and I hit him with my own hand.

— [смеётся]

– And then he got one more time, and that’s it.

– That is, it’s not you, it’s his hand.

– It’s his hand. But so that I beat – yes, there were situations. The last time, I think, was maybe 10 years ago.

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– Wow. After winning the Olympics?

– Yes.

– Wow, the Olympic champion used his fists.

Yes, he punched a man in the face. Big and. Well, he was so healthy.

– How it was?

– I was in one place, in a Ukrainian city, where I talked with my friend’s wife. We all stood there and talked to each other. In their company, someone demobilized, he came from the army. He was in a beret, in a vest. They behaved very provocatively, they simply provoked. They stood, laughed at us that we talked. This girl and I, we went to the dance together with her. It was in the Chernihiv region, and her husband is a classmate of my sister. I say: “Oh, Katyukha, do you remember this and that?” “Yes!” And she teaches dance for children. Well, they started calling names there, calling bad names. I say: “We have to get out of here. Because…”

— [смеётся] They provoke.

– “… it will not lead to good things.” Well, when we left, they in response identified me specifically and called me a very bad word. I thought that if I don’t punish him now, he will continue to do stupid things.

– So what?

Well, he punched him in the face.

– Once?

– once was enough [улыбается].

– From the right, from the left?

– Left. Left side.

— What happened to him?

– Nothing.

– Died [смеётся]?

– No, he sat down. He had wobbly legs.

– First sat down, and then died [улыбается]?

Alive, thank God. They were still looking for me.

– Yes?

– Yeah.

What brave people.

– The next day – well, there, back and forth, maybe they didn’t recognize it in the dark.

What brave people.

– They apologized. We shook hands the next day.