We have a new world champion! Lopez takes belt from Warrington


First Direct Arena, Leeds, England. In the main bout of the evening, local IBF featherweight champion (up to 57.2 kg) Josh Warrinton (31-2-1, 8 KOs) lost to his obligatory challenger Mexican Luis Alberto Lopez (27-2, 15 KOs).

The guest started the fight nervously. Rushed into unprepared and too obvious attacks. His stake is striking power, power confrontation. He is not going to compete with the champion in pure boxing.

Warrington is true to himself – dangerous head movements, which in his native Leeds point-blank do not notice the referee. But he finished the opening round with a bleeding nose. Makhach is already in his debut!

Champion hit Lopez in the 2nd round. He did it again with his head. The Mexican is in pain, a cut near his left eye. Commentators claim that this was done unintentionally. During the break, the applicant is advised to work from a distance.

The Mexican brought to the goal a few good blows. He excels in firepower and simply recycles the opponent. Lopez has had several body shots, which he is very good at.

Warrington has a solid timing failure, he is clearly afraid of the punching power of the Mexican. I wonder what the judges counted there. The neutrals could not give the champion a single round – the Briton is too passive, although work towards the cross suggests itself, a jab would come in handy.

Why not? The referee ignores Warrington’s blows to the back of the head. What else will the champion be allowed to do today to keep the title? He butted Lopez again with his head – he again bled. The first half of the fight is for the contender, but the commentators make it look like everything is very competitive.

Solid 8th three-minute from Lopez. He keeps interrupting the champion. Interestingly, the Mexican is already a favorite online. Another blow to the back of the head from Warrington. Without warning, but the referee gave the challenger time to recover. It is interesting that earlier the Briton himself could give anyone a head start in workrate. He is only 32 years old, but it seems that the career peak has been passed.

Meanwhile, Warrinton stepped up and leveled the course of the battle. But not for long – the 10th three-minute period is clearly behind Lopez. The Mexican is advised in the corner to give it their all, to rework the champion in the decisive rounds. Please do not appeal to the referee. They also fear judicial bias.

Looks like the Mexican is too tired. He gave without a fight the 11th three-minute period, picked up blows. The referee reprimanded Lopez for clinching and grabbing the opponent’s hands. Final gong. Help the champion defend the title? Tony Bellew as a commentator managed to pull on a draw.

So, the score of the judges: 114-114 and twice 115-113 in favor of the Mexican! Everything is fair!

Lopez MD 12. We have a new world champion!

Source: https://vringe.com/news/160964-u-nas-novyy-chempion-mira-lopes-otobral-poyas-u-uorringtona.htm?rand=141343