WBO rating updated: Makhmudov replaces Sirenko


A new rating has been published in the “Ratings” section of our website World Boxing Organization (WBO). vRINGe.com brings to the attention of readers the changes that have affected boxers from the post-Soviet space.

Heavyweight (over 90.7 kg)

Vladislav Sirenko (Ukraine), which occupied the 14th position, left the top 15

Arslanbek Mahmudov (Russia / Canada) entered the top 15 and ranked 15th

First withlight weight (up to 69.9 kg)

Bahram Murtazaliev (Russia) moved up from 4th position to 3rd

Welterweight (up to 66.7 kg)

Karen Chukhadzhyan (Ukraine) dropped from 12th position to 14th

Light weight (up to 61.2 kg)

Denis Berinchik (Ukraine) moved up from 4th position to 3rd

Second bantamweight (up to 55.3 kg)

Azat Hovhannisyan (Armenia) moved down from 3rd position to 4th

Muhammad Shekhov (Uzbekistan / Russia) dropped from 6th position to 7th

Bantamweight (up to 53.5 kg)

Nikolai Potapov (Russia), who occupied the 9th position, left the top 15

Flyweight (up to 49 kg)

Hasanboy Dusmatov (Uzbekistan) moved down from 7th position to 8th


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