WBC rating updated: Makhmudov is in the black, Silyagin is not the first


A new rating has been published in the “Ratings” section of our website World Boxing Council (WBC). vRINGe.com brings to the attention of readers the changes that have affected boxers from the post-Soviet space.

Heavyweight (over 90.7 kg)

Arslanbek Mahmudov (Russia / Canada) moved up from rank 5 to rank 4

Bridgerweight (up to 101.6 kg)

Shigabudin Aliyev (Russia) moved down from 5th position to 6th

Ruslan Faifer (Russia) moved down from 13th position to 15th

Second Middleweight (up to 76.2 kg)

Pavel Silyagin (Russia) moved down from 1st position to 3rd

Ali Ahmedov (Kazakhstan) entered the top 15 and took the 10th position

Azizbek Abdugofurov (Uzbekistan), which occupied the 13th position, left the top 15

Light weight (up to 61.2 kg)

Zaur Abdullayev (Russia) moved down from 4th position to 5th

Artyom Harutyunyan (Armenia / Germany), who was in 14th position, left the top 15

Second featherweight (up to 59 kg)

Muhammadhucha Yakubov (Tajikistan) moved up from 6th position to 5th


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