Vykhrist could die in the ring – Ukrainian cutman


On February 11, in San Antonio (USA), in a heavyweight prospect-clash, Ukrainian Viktor Vykhryst (11-1, 7 KOs) capitulated in the 8th round of the fight with Cuban Lennier Pero (9-0, 6 KOs) – he turned away from his opponent, refused continue the fight, although he led 2 out of 3 judges on the cards.

After the fight, it turned out that the boxer from Ukraine had a broken rib.

Boxer cutman Tim Kuchenbuch says: “I suspected something was wrong in the ring. After the fight was stopped, I asked Victor to sit down, to which he categorically refused. When I felt it, I heard a crunch. Since I constantly encounter such injuries, I have no doubt left – he has a fracture of at least two ribs. If his lungs were damaged, that is, partially destroyed, everything could have ended in a fatal outcome.

According to Kuchenbuch, “Back in the US, they did an x-ray, but the picture did not show us how serious it was. Rib fractures are clearly visible after about a week. He came to me for examination in Germany. With the help of ultrasound, I diagnosed a triple fracture of the ribs. What irritates me most of all is that many fans criticized Viktor for refusing to continue the fight, and some even ridiculed him.”

The Ukrainian himself admits that “after a missed blow in the 8th round, a sharp pain pierced my body. I physically couldn’t move, I couldn’t raise my arm to signal an injury, I couldn’t take my knee. Turning my back on my opponent was my only option. I know that many are unhappy with the outcome. But they don’t know that by that time I had three broken ribs.”

Ukrainian promoter Errol Cheylan (EC Boxing): “At first we were very disappointed with the whole situation, because Viktor was in the lead. And I am very grateful to Dr. Tim for dotting all the i’s. Now we know that Wychrist didn’t give up fighting because of the pain. He just physically could not continue. No, we will not change anything in his style. I believe he will come back even stronger. We never write off our fighters!”

Perot commented on the victory over Vykhrist: “I was hunting for his liver.”