Vladimir Mineyev spoke out about raids against migrants

Reigning AMC Fight Nights middleweight champion Vladimir Mineev, who arrived from the NWO area to prepare for his kickboxing bout with Brazilian Rafael Carvalho, spoke out about the state’s migration policy and also spoke out in favor of raids against illegal migrants.

“Of course, there is a problem with migrants, and it is obvious,” Mineyev said in an interview with the channel “Ushataika”. “The problem is not that there are migrants, but that there are migrants who do not adapt to Russian reality, but come here with their own notions and start living here as they see fit. There is such a Russian proverb – they came here with their own samovar. This is the main problem

“This problem is two-sided. The first is the marginalization of newcomers. The second is the lack of work of local authorities with these comrades. Our state does not work with them properly, it does not assimilate them properly. They remain their own groups, they have their own laws within their communities”

“Now, however, there are raids, the so-called Operation Migrant, and this should become the norm in relation to those people who do not want to live in Russia according to Russian laws. They should be forced to do so. I read that as part of Operation Migrant, people without citizenship and residence permits will be sent back to their homeland, while those who have citizenship will immediately be issued summonses to the military recruitment center. This, I believe, is an adequate, normal step”

Recall that the kickboxing match between Vladimir Mineyev and Rafael Carvalho will be held on September 15 in Elista and will be the main event of the next tournament “Fight Club REN TV”.