Vladimir Mineev reacted to the death of Vladlen Tatarsky

Vladimir Mineev reacted to the death of Vladlen Tatarsky

The reigning AMC Fight Nights middleweight champion, Vladimir Mineev, commented on the death of Russian war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky, whose life was cut short by a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg last Sunday.

“In general, my condition is normal, but the impression after I went on leave, and after yesterday’s terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, where Vladlen Tatarsky died and about forty other people became victims and were injured, is very contradictory,” Mineev said. in a video posted on social media. “The fact is that in our country, part of the population simply does not understand what is happening”

“The war of the West against us is in full swing, and it is already here, the war is being waged in our cities. This war began a long time ago, and has long been waged not only with weapons, but primarily in the minds of people. At the front, support from the rear is needed, and not reasoning and protecting the business interests of individual elites. We need to do everything to win and restore order in the country, and not distract ourselves from a big problem by talking about internal conflicts, contradictions and campaigning in social networks.”

Ten days before his death, Vladlen Tatarsky told his readers about a meeting with Vladimir Mineev in the zone of a special military operation, explaining the absence of a joint photograph as a bad omen.

“I crossed paths in Makeyevka with my brother Vladimir Mineev. He and the guys went to the delyuga, so they didn’t take a joint photo – a bad omen. We’ll take a picture on our return. God bless!” Tatarsky told his Telegram subscribers on March 22.

The tragedy occurred the day before in a cafe on Universitetskaya embankment in St. Petersburg, where one of the visitors to the creative evening organized by the military correspondent brought an explosive device disguised as a figurine.