Vitor Belfort reveals what Jake Paul is afraid of


Former UFC champion Brazilian Vitor Belfort believes that “boxing YouTuber” Jake Paul (5-0, 4 KOs) avoids really serious opponents – this is how he explains that Paul chose not him, but another ex-champion as his next opponent UFC from Brazil Anderson Silva.

As we reported earlier, the Pol-Silva boxing match is scheduled for October 29th. At the same time, Belfort, who destroyed the legendary Evander Holyfield last year, will meet in the ring with Hasim Rahman Jr., Jake’s failed rival, on October 15.

“My agent was negotiating with Jake’s agent, but the fact is that they chose a convenient fight for him,” says Vitor. He didn’t want to fight Rahman because of his weight. He marked the fight against Tommy Fury for a reason we don’t know. Later we started discussing the fight, but he only generated problems and made demands. And yesterday I saw that he chose Anderson Silva.”

“I see that Paul is really afraid to face fast and explosive opponents with knockout power,” continues Belfort. “Instead, he meets with slow fighters, where his chances of reaching the final gong are clearly higher. He knows in advance that Anderson will not knock him out, and a victory over him will make a lot of noise. I still think Anderson will beat him though.”

Recall that Silva, as well as Belfort, last year was marked by a resounding victory in profiboxing, winning on points a guest fight against the former world champion from Mexico, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

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