Video: Salt Papi knocks Josh Brueckner to the ground with a punch in Misfits Boxing 4


Salt Papi brought the flavor to the ring again.

The popular social media influencer scored another impressive knockout win on Saturday at the KSI vs. FaZe Temperrr Misfits Boxing event Saturday in London, blasting YouTube star Josh Brueckner with a left hand that took him off of his feet in the second round.

Watch the powerful KO blow above.

Salt Papi looked like the superior boxer in the first round as he outpaced the larger Brueckner and landed the better shots through the opening three minutes. Round 2, Salt Papi increased the pressure. When Brueckner made a mistake, Salt Papi ripped him with a punch that snapped all his heads.

Brueckner was thrown hard on his backside by the referee. He only managed to reach his knees and hands before the referee stopped the fight.

That’s three wins in three pro boxing bouts for Salt Papi, who scored a 29-second knockout at an influencer boxing event this past August.