Video: Said Kabil destroys opponent with unreal axe kick combo knockout


Said Kabil’s axe kick was just the beginning of the end.

For most fighters, landing an axe kick in a contest would already be worth major style points, but for Kabil the rarely executed strike set up an unbelievable knockout sequence that closed out his Muay Thai Grand Prix contest Sunday at Indigo at the O2 in London.

Watch the Knockout of the Year candidate above.

In the short clip, Kabil hits opponent Gary Corbett with a clean axe kick that causes the stunned Corbett to stumble forward into a straight right hand that puts him out on his feet. Kabil immediately follows this up with a right elbow and a left hook, sending Corbett plunging to the ground.

Kabil commented on the win on Instagram, writing, “Can’t describe the feelings… I haven’t fought in two years because of COVID and had no opportunities, I’m finally back and really hungry can’t wait to fight again and take over this division.”

View another angle and follow up clip with Kabil inspecting Corbett’s progress below :