Video: Paddy Pimblett beats up internet troll in gym challenge


The internet troll was surprisingly game, throwing all sorts of kicks at Paddy Pimblett. One of them pulled a muscle, which made him an even easier target for “The Baddy” after his trolling led to a gym challenge seen in the video above.

Pimblett was able to take the beating of the troll fairly easily considering that he could have used all his power and won quickly. He was surprised that the man showed up to take the beating, even though it took him a bit more than two rounds. Pimblett had offered a 500 euro prize if his foe could simply survive and booked him a ticket to his gym in Liverpool, U.K.

Pemblett is surrounded by trolls via his social media. There were some boos after he won a controversial victory over Jared Gordon at UFC 282,. He refused to apologize or tobury his hatchet with Ariel Helwani. He called his manager and asked for a payment for the interview.

The U.K.’s star is still unbooked to fight in his next bout. Along with trolls, potential opponents continue to call him out. Others have resolved themselves to watching his rise, believing the UFC is protecting him.