Video of Conor McGregor and alleged victim of abuse released

Video of Conor McGregor and alleged victim of abuse released

TMZ has obtained a video that sheds light on a recent incident involving Conor McGregor and a woman who accused an Irishman of violence allegedly taking place at the Miami Heat NBA’s home arena.

Judging by the published video, the alleged victim of the violence is not being led to the toilet by a security officer, but by Conor McGregor himself. The victim’s lawyer’s initial statement alleged that she was being led to the toilet against her will.

After the video was published, the woman’s lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, released a new statement saying that his client was intoxicated at that moment and did not remember exactly who brought her to the toilet. In addition, she thought she was being taken to the Four Seasons Hotel, where Conor McGregor had previously called her.

Seeing a discrepancy between the original and the amended statement, McGregor’s team issued a strong rebuttal, calling the allegations “extortion”.

“After TMZ posted the video, plaintiff’s attorney changed his story,” the statement reads. “Mr McGregor welcomes the investigation, which he firmly believes will prove that all the charges against him are false. Since we did not respond to the demand for money, they turned to the media to apply pressure. It’s nothing more than extortion.”

According to the victim, voiced by her lawyer the day before, McGregor committed an act of violence in the toilet, forcing the victim to have oral sex with him, but at some point the woman managed to hit the Irishman with her elbow and escape.

Previously, 34-year-old Conor McGregor was repeatedly accused of sexual harassment – twice in 2019 in Ireland, in September 2020 in Corsica, and in 2021 the court received a complaint about an incident that occurred in 2018. This year, the Irishman was accused of assaulting a woman on his yacht in Ibiza. In none of these cases has Conor McGregor been prosecuted.