Video: KSI, Salt Papi knockouts even more impressive from live Misfits Boxing 4 fan angles


KSI and Salt Papi had London’s Wembley Arena rocking after knocking out their opponents.

Both social media stars scored impressive knockouts at Saturday’s Misfits Boxing 4 event at Wembley Arena in London, with KSI making short work of pro gaming star FaZe Temperrr in the main event and Salt Papi picking up the finish of the night earlier with a left hand that took opponent Josh Brueckner clear off of his feet.

The KOs were dramatic in the moment, but the fan angles do an even better job of capturing the event’s unhinged energy, which you can watch below.

Salt Papi, a popular influencer, improved to 3-0 as a pro boxer with his second straight knockout victory, while KSI scored another exhibition bout victory with his headlining win.

KSI then teased a possible fight with Jake Paul. He said that he would like to fight a few more times before finally meeting up with “The Problem Child .”


“Yes. I must be tested.” KSI stated. “I need more tests until I reach the final level. The final point: Jake m************ Paul.”