Video: John Fury rips off T-shirt, Tommy Fury rages after Jake Paul relentlessly heckles exhibition


Jake Paul mercilessly heckled Tommy Fury from ringside at the Global Titans boxing event, setting off a wild scene as coach John Fury ripped off his T-shirt and Tommy Fury tried to charge the social media influencer turned boxer.

Tommy Fury faced last-second replacement opponent Rolly Lambert after allegedly badly missing weight for the event in Dubai, and his lackluster performance quickly got Paul going as he mocked his would-be opponent’s skills mid-fight.

” You f ****** Suck Tommy,” Paul stated as Wade Plemons, a social commentator and influencer, apologized to his group. You’re still an amateur. You have no dick.”

John Fury was the father and trainer of Tyson Fury’s heavyweight boxing champ. He quickly lost control as the bout came to an end. Paul kept his microphone steady and continued to make insults. He challenged both Furys to challenge him outside the ring, while they shouted for Furys’ to enter it.

“I’m right there,” Tommy Fury replied. Jump over to the ring, and fight me. If you aren’t a b ****., get in now. He’ll be my opponent now that I have had a fight. Get into the ring .”

The near-fight was the most exciting thing about Sunday’s co-main event, which plodded along as neither Tommy Fury or Lambert committed to attacks. The two spent a considerable amount of their six rounds together in the clinch, or throwing jabs. Fury moved around the opponent like a matador. The boos from the crowd were proof that Fury wasn’t trying to sell the story.

“Whatever this dance is, it’s just some BS,” Paul scoffed during the fight. Welcome to boxing. This is waste of the fans’ time, this is a waste of the fans’ money. It is a waste of my time

During the sixth round, Plemons threw to Paul for a reaction to the punches thrown in the ring. He said Paul had fallen asleep. Paul was able to recall what had happened when he awoke from sleep.

Then, things got hectic.

Later in the broadcast commentators claimed that they witnessed Fury and Paul shake hands. Business was going on ringside, no matter what had happened moments earlier.