Video: Jake Paul drops YouTuber Faze Dee with brutal body shot


FaZe Dee showed up to Jake Paul’s gym recently to see if he could hang with his fellow YouTuber. In under two minutes, he found out.

In a recently released video, Paul drops Dee, AKA Donald De La Haye Jr., with a brutal body shot to end their sparring session.

“His hands are so heavy, and it doesn’t even look like he’s trying,” said Dee, a college football star who pivoted to content creation after an NCAA ultimatum to de-monetize his YouTube channel. “They told me to go at my pace, and he going to match my pace. That boy tagged me in the face, tagged me in the sternum, couldn’t breathe – I was like, ‘I’m done.’ A minute 38 is all it took.”

Paul is currently unbooked for his next fight two months after his impressive win over ex-UFC champ Anderson Silva. Speculation has pointed to new free agent Nate Diaz as a likely possibility after the Stockton, Calif., star clashed with Paul’s security team backstage. But a fight between Paul and longtime rival Tommy Fury was also revived after a confrontation with the Fury team after Tommy Fury’s latest exhibition boxing match.

Paul praised Dee for stepping into the ring with him as he ramps up his training.

“He’s got heart and balls,” Paul said. “He’s doing what a lot of people won’t do, which is get in the ring with me. So respect to him. If he really worked at it, he could be good.”