Video: In a Russian boxing match, Vlad Tuinov brutally beats Julian “Let Me Bang Bro” Lane


Julian Lane got what he always wanted, even if it was to his own detriment.

Lane, best known for his stint on The Ultimate Fighter 16 where he infamously shouted “let me f****** bang, bro!” during a wild outburst after losing his fight, faced kickboxer Vlad Tuinov on Friday in the co-main event of a Pravda FC boxing card. Unfortunately for Lane, things didn’t go well for him.

After a slow start, Tuinov gave in to his opponent’s wish for throw hands and flattened Lane in round two with a lefthook. Lane was ultimately able to find his feet from the power shot, but stumbled around the ring, forcing the referee to call end the bout.

Video of the finish can be watched above.

Lane lost his fifth consecutive bout in combat sports. He had previously lost four bare-knuckle matches before making his debut in boxing. Tuinov had an impressive kickboxing career and then transitioned to bare-knuckle bboxing in 2021.. This was Tuinov’s first professional boxing bout.

You can watch the full Pravda FC fight card here.