Video: Daniel Cormier takes control of WWE Extreme Rules main event as special guest referee


Daniel Cormier is living the dream.

Cormier, a lifelong fan of professional wrestling, made his WWE debut Saturday as a guest referee at the Extreme Rules main event. He was there to serve as a referee in the “Fight Pit”, which featured Seth Rollins against Cormier and Matt Riddle (an ex-MMA fighter).

Although his participation in the match was limited, Cormier added an authoritative presence to the bizarre setup which included a steel cage with an elevated platform that allowed the wrestlers on to perform.

The storyline of the match was Cormier mostly admonishing Rollins when the evil wrestler acted up. However, he did seem to incite several MMA references throughout the match such as an Anthony Pettis Showtime Kick performed by Riddle.

It’s not unusual for referees to be physically present with pro-wrestling matches. Cormier did that as he was required to assist Rollins.

The biggest spot of the match came when Riddle executed a spectacular flying senton splash from the elevated platform, crashing down on a fallen Rollins. Shortly after, he locked in a triangle choke that forced Rollins to tap.

The show appeared to come to a close with Cormier and Riddle celebrating, but they were quickly cut off by a lengthy segment that signaled a returning Bray Wyatt.

Earlier on the card, former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey once again found herself with WWE gold around her waist as she defeated the popular Liv Morgan, but not before Morgan put “Rowdy” through a table.