Video: Charisa Sigala went to surgery for a dislocated ankle after she suffered at BKFCKnuckleMania .


Charisa Sigala will head to surgery after suffering a gruesome dislocated ankle in her fight at BKFC KnuckleMania 3 on Friday night.

Sigala fell on her back after Jayme Hinshaw, her opponent, knocked Sigala down. Her entire body weight went down onto her leg. Sigala tried to get up, but her ankle almost got twisted in the wrong direction.

Sigala made an effort to put the foot back in place as she battled to get back up to her feet in an attempt to continue the fight but just as quickly as she stood up, she was forced back down again.

Replays from BKFC showed Sigala’s foot essentially just dangling from her leg as a result of the severe dislocation.

Brian Butler, a manager at Suckerpunch Entertainment confirmed that Sigala had suffered a dislocated foot and not a complete leg injury during Saturday’s fight. Regardless, Sigala will have to undergo surgery to repair the damage done.

The fight ended in a knockout. Sigala couldn’t continue and the final round was completed 38 second.

Sigala was previously scheduled to face UFC veteran Paige VanZant in her next fight but the bout was scrapped and never officially rebooked.

The loss to Hinshaw at BKFC KnuckleMania 3 dropped Sigala to 1-4 in her bare-knuckle fighting career.