Video: Brutal BKFC fighter knocked out on the canvas


Billy Wagner lied to his opponent in a frightening fashion.

On Saturday, Jacob Kreitel was defeated by Wagner at BKFC 24 in Great Falls. Wagner only needed 43 second to beat Kreitel. Kreitel fell face-first onto the floor after Kreitel scored a pair of punches.

Watch the shocking knockout video above.

In the highlight Wagner is seen ripping Kreitel with an elbow-to-the-middle uppercut and following it with a stiff right hook, before Kreitel falls. Kreitel remains down on the mat for several seconds, his eyes open and flickering. The referee administered a count, but it was clear that Kreitel’s evening was over.

This bout was the debut of both BKFC fighters. Wagner, a professional boxer was victorious in his first ever bare-knuckle fight, and Kreitel (an amateur MMA fighter) falls to 0 -1 during the promotion.

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