Video: Brock Lesnar loses in WrestleMania 38 main event, drops WWE title to Roman Reigns


Brock Lesnar left WrestleMania 38 on Sunday night without a WWE championship after falling to Roman Reigns in the main event from AT&T Stadium outside Dallas.

The former UFC heavyweight champion, Lesnar was the headliner of the event. This match saw Lesnar take on Reigns (realname Leati Joseph Anoai), following an ongoing feud that had been going on for several months.

Lesnar, who returned to WWE in August 2021 after leaving the promotion more than a year earlier, as his stints in professional wrestling have typically come in spurts over the last few years.

While Lesnar had previously flirted with a potential return to the UFC as he conducted contract negotiations with the WWE, the 44-year-old heavyweight abandoned all those plans while turning his full focus on pro wrestling and putting combat sports behind him for good.

At Wrestlemania, Lesnar looked as shred as ever. He engaged in an intense match that featured many big moves but only did three to four moves at a time while exchanging insults with Reigns. Lesnar launched Reigns several times with his signature German suplex and he even hit his finishing maneuver called the F5 but that didn’t earn him the win.

In a reversal late in the match, Lesnar actually caught Reigns in a kimura, which became one of his primary moves after leaving the UFC and rejoining the WWE roster back in 2012.

Reigns finally got out of “submission”, before hitting Lesnar using a spear. This earned him victory, as well as unifying the WWE Heavyweight and Universal Championship.

The match saw Lesnar alone with Paul Heyman, his friend and long-time TV star.

Given that Lesnar lost in Wrestlemania’s main event, it is possible his current run with WWE may be over. He typically takes time off after a lengthy stretch of dates consecutively with the company. Because Lesnar has been appearing consistently on WWE programming since this past August, he may take another extended break, although there’s no confirmation on his contract or how much time he has left before another potential negotiation.

While Lesnar, ex-UFC champion Ronda Rousey and UFC veteran Shayna Baszler all lost in their matches at WrestleMania, one-time Ultimate Fighter competitor Matt Riddle was victorious in his bout as part of a tag team match alongside Randy Orton earlier in the night.