Video: 49-year-old De La Hoya struck with “press cubes”. They don’t believe him


Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya, after completing his performances in the ring in 2008, could never boast of being lean, from time to time rounding up to a very impressive size.

This is one of the reasons why the latest video with 49-year-old Oscar in the lead role has caused reasonable suspicions in the boxing community about the authenticity of the “picture”.

On it, De La Hoya with a bare torso boxing with a shadow, demonstrating to the audience surprisingly pumped abdominal muscles.

Oscar De La Hoya says he still got it with the King’s Hawaiian rolls abs. #oscar #oscardelahoya #boxingego

— BOXINGEGO (@Boxingego) December 26, 2022

The public in the comments assumes everything. Among the most popular opinions:

  • – Liposuction
  • — Implants
  • – Dope
  • —Combination of some or even all of the items

Vigilant commentators also drew attention to the discrepancy between the “drawing” of the press cubes and the muscles of the arms, which, unlike the abdomen, still have fat reserves.

It is noteworthy that earlier De La Hoya rejected the possibility of resuming his career, stating that his time has passed, and he is no longer able to do it the way he used to.

Back in the summer, De La Hoya did not want to run for president, now he is the future mayor of Vegas.