Valentina Shevchenko blamed the referee for her defeat

Valentina Shevchenko blamed the referee for her defeat

Referee Jason Herzog was instrumental in her losing her title to Alexa Grasso, according to former UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko.

“I didn’t think about it right away, but after a while I clearly understand that in this fight the referee did some actions that I can’t find an explanation for,” Bullet said in the next edition of the MMA Hour program. “He refereed both of my last fights, including against Taila Santos in Singapore, and in that fight there was a moment when I ended the series with a head kick and felt that Taila was shocked, but as soon as I wanted to finish her and finish the fight, the referee stopped him and let her catch her breath”

“In the duel against Alexa, he unexpectedly decided to return us to the standing position at the moment when I was in a dominant position on the ground and broke it with punches. These situations can affect fighters because you use a lot of energy to land a takedown, then you improve your position, and just when you are about to build on your success, the referee suddenly decides that you should stand up. It definitely affects your productivity because you have to start over.”

“For me, it all looked unexpected, because I had a tight hold on Alexa, and the moment I started throwing big punches, he just decided to pick us up. It’s when you go into the cage with a plan to fight, but someone says to you: ‘No, I don’t think that’s your plan – you have to stand up and fight on the stand'”

Recall that the flyweight title fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso, which became the second most important event of the UFC 285 tournament, ended in the fourth round with the victory of the Mexican by rear naked choke.