Valentina Shevchenko answered the call of Erin Blanchfield

Valentina Shevchenko answered the call of Erin Blanchfield

Reigning UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko doesn’t think Erin Blanchfield, who defeated Jessica Andrade ten days ago deserves the next challenge.

“She won the fight, but it seems to me that Jessica Andrade did not even prepare for this fight,” Bullet said in the next edition of the MMA Hour program. “Looks like she was lying on the beach and she thought, ‘Why not take the fight on a weekly notice and make some money?’ This defeat will not affect her career too much, and a few thousand dollars in her wallet will not be superfluous. That’s why she took this fight, in fact, without risking anything.

“Nevertheless, it was a good fight and I heard Erin talking about being next for the title, but I don’t think she’s grown up enough to be a champion yet. In any case, I’m not thinking about her now, but focused on my fight. There will always be young fighters talking with confidence about how they will beat the champion, this happened in the past, but to me they are like two-month-old puppies who jump, bark happily at everything around, because they have not yet faced real difficulties. They do not yet know what the adult world is, real problems, and when this starts to happen, something changes in their heads. Erin reminds me of such a puppy now.

Already this weekend at UFC 285 in Las Vegas, Valentina Shevchenko will defend her title against Mexican Alexa Grasso.