Vagabov explained why he called Datsik a “hoz bandit”

AMC Fight Nights light heavyweight champion Vagab Vagabov, in an interview with SE, explained why he called heavyweight Vyacheslav Datsik a “hoz bandit”.

“Hozband is in such slang, [как] Balanders, activists… The same “wool” – now everyone knows about it, – said Vagabov. – These are all the people who behave obscenely, but are under the protection of the administration of the institution where they are. No one will do anything there, no matter how big and strong he is, because under protection you will get an article from above for this – in one word they can even write it out and send it to promotion. It’s very difficult there [объяснять тем]who were not there. I just don’t understand why I raised this topic, people are calling, writing.”

Vagabov and Datsik can fight according to the rules of boxing in the AMC Fight Nights league. This was stated by the owner of the promotion Amir Muradov, noting that the Red Tarzan expressed a desire to fight with Vagabov.