Usyk will beat Fury! Watch the fight with Wallin – Wilder’s trainer


Coach of the former heavyweight champion (over 90.7 kg) American Deontay Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs), as well as a permanent sparring partner of the unified champion from Ukraine Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) Malik Scott gave
interview for the American media.

Malik, according to him, spent 7 weeks in Usyk’s recent camp, helping him prepare for a victorious rematch with Anthony Joshua, and also was in 6-7 times in the training camps of the Ukrainian champion in general. The journalists asked Scott to comment on the possible confrontation between Alexander and WBC champion British Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs).

Do you want to see Usyk defeat Tyson Fury? Usyk is new blood, this is a new experience. Are you kind of rooting for Usyk in this fight?

“My vision is not like that. I can tell you how I see it. If Tyson Fury fights Usyk, then I think Usyk has the ability, he has IQ, he has underestimated strength, he has incredible fundamentals to beat Tyson Fury. Therefore, if the fight takes place and Usyk wins, then I just look at it as a car made under Usyk. If Fury wins, then Fury wins. Either way, I just believe it’s a big boxing time for Deontay. Everyone says that now there are a lot of names for the fight. But no, it really isn’t.

If Usyk wins, I would like to see Deontay against Usyk. What does it take to beat Usyk? In my opinion, this is not Fury’s style. This is not the Fury effect. If you don’t have a one-time knife to lay a fighter tightly on the floor, then I don’t think you will beat him.

  • Fury is eager to fight Usyk and is already training like a man possessed – source

– Does this mean that you Usyk is the favorite in the fight with Tyson?

– Yes. I said this before. I think Usyk is a master at finding a way to win. People say, “Do you think Usyk will beat Tyson Fury?” Here’s another lefty for you – Otto Wallin. He is not Usyk. He is a good fighter, but he is simple and his system is not the same as Usyk’s. And look how much trouble he gave Tyson Fury. One day Fury goes up against Wilder, against White, and he puts on a great performance, and then he comes up against someone like Wallin, and he’s not very convincing, but he’s spectacular. He shines at the highest level depending on the fight. But this fight is definitely not a walk for Tyson Fury.

– Can Oleksandr Usyk shock Tyson Fury?

– I think Steve Cunningham shook Tyson Fury, and Usyk can.

Is it fair to consider this fight because it was about 10 years ago? Now Tyson is a completely different fighter?

“Now he is a completely different fighter, but stylistically… The style he fought with Steve Cunningham and the style he has now is not so different. He didn’t box Steve Cunningham, he tried to force himself. How is Tyson fighting now? He imposes himself. It was 10-12 years ago, but he had the same style as now.

Do I think Usyk can beat Tyson Fury, who was the first time with Deontay Wilder? Certainly not. But now he is more vulnerable.

Anyone who looks like Usyk’s size: Michael Hunter, Derek Chisora, any of those guys that look alike, they give him some trouble. And he really has no problem with the big guys. But Fury is not your average fighter. A lot comes with Fury and his system. And it will be just a great fight.