Usyk: “We need weapons, tanks, fighters. We have people who are not afraid”


Famous heavyweight Alexander Usik (20-0, 13 KOs) in an interview with a British resource
The Overlap urged allies to be less afraid of threats from Russia and more resolutely help the outpost of freedom on the planet Ukraine with the heavy weapons necessary to drive the occupiers beyond the borders of 1991 and provide military power for the future containment of the enemy.

In a lengthy interview with Gary Neville, the eminent former Manchester United player, coach and sportscaster, the legendary Ukrainian boxer answered questions about his childhood, career and the all-out war the Russians are waging.
for destruction Ukrainians.

Neville asked what more the West could do to help Ukraine survive and win. Usyk replied:

“I think they need to be more determined.

— In military terms? (The interviewer was referring to the supply of military aid – ed.)

– Yes.

– Money?

– Not money. Armament. Tanks, fighters. We have people who are not afraid: generals, soldiers, people.

Why do you think the West is afraid [делать больше]?

Because they are afraid.

– Do you think Britain is afraid to provide support?

— No, I think the British are not afraid. We have a slightly similar mentality. They are brave guys.

“They said they would take us in three days.” Usyk recorded a video on the occasion of February 24

Oleksandr added that now he is motivated to compete and win not by money, but by the opportunity to draw world attention to Ukraine, to motivate defenders and the Ukrainian people.

At the end of April, Usyk is scheduled to fight against WBC champion Tyson Fury, who will be for all four major titles. But the parties still can not agree on fees. Alexander, who owns three titles, wants 50/50, the owner of one Fury belt believes that this is a fight of unequal boxers in terms of financial attractiveness, and they call themselves “side A”.

Superboy Usyk – Fury will break? The answer of the promoter of the British.