Usyk is better than Wladimir Klitschko Wilder’s coach on Alexander’s camp and Joshua rematch


Permanent sparring partner of the unified heavyweight champion (over 90.7 kg) Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs), as well as the coach of former US champion Deontay Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) Malik Scott gave
interview for the British media.

In the conversation, Malik spoke about Usyk’s both fun and challenging training camp in Dubai ahead of the rematch with former British champion Anthony Joshua, and also compared Alexander to former heavyweight hegemon Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko.

“You recently spent time at Usyk’s camp, is that correct?”

— Yes, but it was probably my eighth camp with Sasha or something like that. He brought me to Ukraine many times. Whenever he trained in the States, I was with him. We always have great mutual respect for each other. He is a foreigner, but he is very, very soulful. I mean, he’s not one of the ordinary foreigners. Even if he barely speaks English, you understand him. It gives good energy. You can feel it. He’s not the boring guy at camp. His camp is always alive, because he brings energy there, communicates well. We had a great time at this training camp. It was funny, but at the same time very harsh and hard. He had 7-9 sparring partners, big guys. He boxed probably in a 16v16 ring. A very small ring to box at a high level with the bigger guys when they get bigger than you. And they tear you apart, and you have to run away and tear them back.

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In the ninth round, Usyk was in trouble. But not once in a fight did I think that Joshua would stop him, because I swear to you, I saw him go through the same trials and tribulations in training camp. With Martin Bakole, with Gerald Washington, Nursultan Amanzholov, with big Alex (Zohozhy). All these guys were pushing, pushing, pushing him, and he was ready for those kinds of moments, for the danger he faced in the ninth round. He was already ready for it, because he had already been in these dark places during the training camp. I was happy to see how he does it. And Joshua actually had a better fight this time. It was a very, very good fight.

I saw Sasha go through this so many times during the camp. He was prepared for these kinds of situations. He came out of the situation and came back even stronger in the tenth round. I saw him do it for almost 6 or 7 weeks in Dubai when I was with him. He had very tough rounds with Gerald Washington, Martin Bakole… But then Usyk is a smart fighter who pays back.

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He’s not the emotional fighter you hit and he says no. You hit him, you throw your best on him, and he literally says, “OK, I have to think, I have to think,” and then he chooses a moment and returns it. That’s what he did. I knew that he would come out very aggressive in the tenth round, because Usyk really is. You can’t keep hitting him without retaliation.

We’re talking about how strong he is technically. This is his breed. In my opinion, he is the best opponent that Joshua has fought. Usyk’s breed, his set of skills, his intelligence, in my opinion, is higher than that of Wladimir Klitschko. And that says a lot. He’s no better than Wladimir Klitschko, but I’m talking about IQ in the ring, about being on the lookout, about the incredible selection of distance with the help of footwork. You think he’s out of range when he’s actually already within range to hit you. All these things for me are what gave Joshua problems. He just couldn’t get through it. And when he bit him, Usyk was already out of rhythm when he could be hit. He was already turning Joshua around, he was already throwing punches. Like I said, this fight was better than the first one and Joshua has nothing to complain about.

Scott also said that Usyk would beat Fury as well.