Usyk has a good chance to beat Fury – Michael Hunter


One of the few fighters who predicted the victory of Ukrainian heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) in the first fight over the then unified British champion Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs), American heavyweight Michael Hunter (21-1 -1, 14 KOs) gave a small
interview for a local reporter.

Hunter in the past had a 12-round heavyweight fight with Usyk (up to 90.7 kg) and lost by unanimous decision. The fighter also sparred with the WBC title holder Briton Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs). The journalist asked the opinion of the fighter about a possible fight for the title of absolute champion between Usyk and Fury.

— Michael, what can you say about the duel White – Franklin?

— Slabo [показывает большой палец вниз].

– Do you want a winner?

“I’m done messing around with Dillian Whyte. I know he will have a fight with Anthony Joshua. In the end, they need to stop doing these “great” fights and start fighting savages, people who are really hungry, people that Rocky and Creed movies are made about, these guys. You just have to keep going up in the rankings and reach them, no matter how hard it is.

– You gave Usyk the best fight in the state today. He might fight Fury. Break this fight. You sparred with Fury.

– Yes. Usyk has a good chance of winning. One thing he lacks is getting respect. I don’t know if he can earn Tyson Fury’s respect. I think weight will be the problem. Not to say that Tyson Fury will jump on him right away, but he won’t earn respect by staying away from him. I think if he activates, hits him several times at the beginning, then he will earn respect, and then Tyson will no longer be able to jump on him. And then he will have a great chance to win this fight.

  • Fury invited Usyk to suck on a lollipop and said he knew his secret

– From zero to a million – what chance does Derek Chisora ​​have to defeat Tyson Fury?

— [смеётся] Hardly.

— 1 percent?

– There is a chance. There are two in the ring.

– But he has already lost to him twice, not so good, almost finished his career …

– He has more than a chance, but it is not great.

When will you return to the ring?

– Let’s hope, in January-February-March.