US Lawmakers Call for Dana White to be Fired from UFC

US Lawmakers Call for Dana White to be Fired from UFC

Dana White’s New Year’s Eve fight with his wife attracted close attention not only from members of the mma community, but also from American female legislators, who turned to the owners of the world’s strongest league with a demand to fire the UFC president from his post.

The California Women’s Legislature, made up of 18 senators and 33 state assembly representatives, sent a letter to Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel urging the company to respond to the scandalous incident and take appropriate action.

“We are writing with deep concern over the recent violent video of UFC President Dana White,” the letter reads. “We were shocked to see him hit his wife with a clenched fist, and the fact that you still remain silent speaks volumes. As you yourself once wrote: ‘Silence and inaction are not the answer’. We agree with this, and we urge you to take appropriate action immediately.”

“Like you, we are people who live by our values, and we are also people of action. We are against violence, we protect the rights of women, and we are parents, just like you. That is why everything is crystal clear to us, and we are calling on you to remove Mr. White as UFC President immediately. The eyes of the world are on White and the Endeavor.”

A week ago, TMZ posted a mobile phone camera video showing the wife of the UFC president slapping him, and he slaps her back several times before they are separated.

Following the release of the video, Dana White and Anna White made public statements saying that excessive drinking was the cause of the conflict and that they apologized to each other. However, the very next day, Endeavor’s shares lost 6% in price, which, given the total value of the company’s assets, amounts to losses of hundreds of millions of dollars.

All things considered, the likelihood of Dana White becoming the latest celebrity caught in the relentless trap of “cancellation culture” prevalent in Western society is higher than ever.