Ukrainian Vykhryst lost by knockout Pero: video


Alamodome, San Antonio, USA. The main card of the show opened with an intriguing prospect-clash in the heavyweight (over 90.7 kg): Cuban Lennier Pero (9-0, 6 KOs) prematurely beat Ukrainian Viktor Vykhryst (11-1, 7 KOs).

The Ukrainian took the center of the ring. Habitually worked because of the jab. He did not invest in punches, he tried to pull the Cuban onto himself. In response, Pero leaned on body shots, hit with a solid right hook.

Vykhrist aggressively started the 2nd round, but blundered the cross and calmed down. As before, there was a strong lack of head movements, giving the opponent an opportunity to counter his lazy jab. But there is a plus – work in infighting – immediately leans on the opponent. True, the referee has already issued several warnings.

The 3rd three-minute period was much better for the Ukrainian. He watched Perot’s movements more closely. Cubanbegan to stagnate in place. Everything almost ended for him with a knockdown – Vykhrist shook the Cuban a second before the gong with a left check-hook. Ah, a little earlier…

What a shot at the bell!

Viktor Faust staggers Peró with a nasty counter at the end of the 3rd round

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The Cuban started the 4th round more aggressively, but then he got a little lost – he is much inferior to the Ukrainian in firepower. Feather gave the initiative to Vykhristu. He is unusually passive, as he is afraid to miss something weighty. Tries to counter. Sometimes it works, but he has very little striking power.

In the 6th round, Perot hit Vykhrysta below the belt. In vain, the Cuban turned off his legs – it allows the opponent to score points with a lazy jab. There are few attempts to counter, but he has much faster hands.

Here is the denouement! In the 8th round, Vykhrist simply stopped. Something is bothering him. Did the work of the Cuban affect the body?

Feather rushed to finish off. The referee was confused, but still saved Vykhrist from a hard knockout. It’s a shame how…

Feather TKO 8.